Hardesh Dhingra


It's been a long journey from lens man to artist – since 1988, pushing the barriers, hard work, international workshops and demanding clients. I started doing digital photography at a time when no one else in the industry even saw its need. It has been a journey of exploration and persuasion – the former for myself – exploring the limits of this limitless technology, and the latter for the industry – convincing my clients and sharing with my peers. And today, I have reached a point of trust, which makes it all worth it.

The urge to be on par with international work was also one of the driving reasons why I went digital. I think it is my digital work that has helped me reach those standards within such a short span.

We are well known for digital photography and image manipulation. And no wonder; we've explored the boundaries of digital photography since 1993. Today the infrastructure with us includes all the possible tools necessary to have complete creative control. Nevertheless, we feel that digital photography is never an end in itself, it's not about the gadgets. They merely allow greater creativity and flexibility in planning, realizing, and post-production.

Our Strength:

One of the strongest challenge for a creative person is to translate imagination into reality. This is where we excel. Our dual Photo-Digital expertise gives us the advantage of drawing out options from both fields, blending them and creating an entirely new visual solution. The more challenging the image in your mind, the more the motivation for us to bring it to life. In short, if you can imagine it, it is real. We have multiple studios to handle multi set up shoots, dedicated high ceiling automobile studio and a rooftop daylight studio.

The state of the art Broncolor lighting system ensures the projects are completed with top quality. The first of its kind in the country to offer such a combination of space and complete control in house from pre-production to photography and digital post-production. We are always exploring the new frontiers in technology to keep ourselves abreast and at par with international standards. Be ready for some exciting surprises in the year 2024.